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we grew up a little bit ark sz
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we grew up a little bit ark sz

we got married early
and just a little bit late
baby came too early
but some things just cant wait
we were just beginning
but it was very clear
we grew up a little bit that year

i caught on as a meter man
you were caught at home
when i started night school
you ended up alone
but you had another baby
while i had my career
and we grew up a little bit
we grew up a little bit
we grew up a little bit that year

they put me in a office job
a young man on the move
we bought a house in shaker heights
you supervised the move
we were cashing checks, you were changing children
while i played engineer
and we were growing ever faster
every year

i got bored of kilowatts
you were tired of kids
i started staying out at night
and soon thats what you did
at parties wed go seperately
youd wiggle and id leer
and we were growing faster
we were growing ever faster
we were growing ever faster every year

you learned to live in silence
i learned to live in lies
and we both igored the empty spaces
growing in our eyes
your breath became a gin and tonic
mine became a beer
and we grew up a little more last year

today at work they passed me by
and promoted john instead
i came home to find youd wrecked the car
i guess i lost my head
well, i cant believe i hit you
but the rage came on so strong
ah, where did we go wrong?

as you sit there crying
i wonder who you are
the partner-stranger-friend and foe
whos come with me this far
we stand here in the ashes
and i guess it is quite clear
we did not really grow too much
each year

so you say were going nowhere
well i know thats where weve been
still i cant help wondering
can we begin again?
i feel so full of questions
curiosity and fear
but could we grow a little bit
could we grow a little bit
can we grow a little bit this year?


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