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sunday morning sunshine ark sz

i came into town with a knapsack on my shoulder
and a pocket full of stories that i just had to tell.
you know ive knocked around a bit,
ive had my share of small town glories,
and its time to hit the city and that crazy carousel.
i been feeling sorry for myself,
but you know i was only lonely,
like everybody else.
you brought your sunday morning sunshine
here into my monday morning rain.
you taught me happiness just one time,
it keeps on coming back again.
these streets were never highways
for i had not known the sky above.
these days were never my days
for i had not known your love.
its funny how a city can put on a different face,
when it holds the one you care for
it becomes a different place.
and i never felt so far from alone.
baby you brought me halfway home.
yes, baby, you brought me halfway home.


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