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a moment with me ark sz

you choose drawn curtains instead of light
your airy demeanor becomes polite
all the things you adore dont mean all that much anymore
well theres really no mystery
you just need someone to listen
so come and spend a moment with me

it isnt so easy to walk alone
especially knowing youre on your own
the secret youve kept so well is much better with someone to tell
we can speak confidentially
ill tell you what youve been missing
come and spend a moment with me

you feel your heartache as bad as its been
its finally beaten you down
you dont want to partake but you want to win
and theres no other party in town

its much too early to say goodnight
just one more moment and you just might
see that a moment with me is more than you thought it could be
we dont have to make history
we can start with some kisses
come and spend a moment with me


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