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it mustve been ol santa claus ark sz
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it mustve been ol santa claus ark sz

i think i saw ol santa through my window christmas eve
my eyes were really droopy but i really do believe
it mustve been ol santa cause i saw his big red hat
and i know my mom and dad cant fly like that

and then i heard some footsteps in the hall outside my door
the same ol christmas trick my dad had played since i was four
he stands outside my bedroom yelling "ho! ho! ho!" because
he knows i dont believe in santa claus

i think my daddy sees me
peeking from my door
but he pretends hes santa anyway
every year he tries to fool me
but im a big boy now i dont believe in santa or his sleigh...
no way!

so i went back to bed and i curled up nice and tight
i stared out my window and looked into the night
and then, all of a sudden, through my window i could see
santa claus was flying by and smiling at me

santa claus, santa claus
it mustve been ol santa claus
santa claus, santa claus
happy "ho! ho! ho!" to you

then i heard ol rudolph tellin me to come outside
he told me that ol santa wanted me to take a ride
i climbed out of my window and i jumped onto his sleigh
then ol santa took me up up and away

we flew high above the rooftops of my sleepy town below
i saw my big red school house and the town square picture show
it was really past my bedtime and so ol santa said
"little boys like you should be in bed"

so i hollered "ho! ho! ho!"
and i put on santas hat
then he let me hold the reins awhile
we pulled up to my window
and i jumped back in my room
and i waved goodbye to santa with a smile

when i woke up christmas morning it was clear and bright
my parents said my window had blown open in the night
i smiled as i told them that it mustve been the cat
and they asked me where i got my big red hat



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