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short stories ark sz

have you ever been up
have you ever been down
have you ever been lost
have you ever been found
have you ever been right
have you ever been wrong
have you come up short
can you come along
have you left a mark
have you left alone
have you seen the way
can you come back home
short stories
babe just take what they will give
short stories
thats all its ever been
dont you worry bout the ending
babe, before we begin
i have seen the sun
thats behind the rain
i have felt the joy
thats behind the pain
did you ever go soft
did you ever run wild
ive been a hundred years old
i been a newborn child
i have found a smile in the midst of tears
i can find a heart in the midst of fear
dont you know i need you near me
or my happy endings gone
and i see now so very clearly
that our story must go on
and on!
if i give myself
can i ask for you
if i give you hope
can we make it through
you know i need a dream
like i need my breath
we need to take the life
before we get the death
you know i need your love
like i need the light
yes i need the chance
can it be tonight?


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