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laugh man ark sz

did you ever hear the one about...

oh, god i love myself
when ive got it on
i know ill live forever babe
all my fears are gone

then suddenly im dying
they turned the laugh track off
im drowning in the silence
crucified by coughs

oh, i am the laugh man
half clown and half man
half out and half in, oh mister cant you see?
im sposed to leave you laughing, so why dont you laugh at me?

i started out my starvin
desperate for money
my belly crackin dirty jokes
that did not come out funny
my neck stuck out so far
like a gawky giraffe
screamin on a guillotine
"come on, sucker, laugh!"

i am the guy who always catches the pie
i specialize in pratfalls
i am the goon who flashes the moon
a mouse in a house of catcalls

im your jester your juggler
your joker your friend
im nothing more or less
than a horses nether end!

my ego is a bubble
that i realize just broke
and alone without a microphone
my real lifes a joke

did you ever hear the one about...


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