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if you want to feel ark sz

oh god they got you gun shy
you know your skins as cold as ice
your eyes are double filtered babe
youre so afraid to be nice
theres no way youre ready
to let your defenses down
though i wont come on heavy
there is a lesson that ive found

if you try to look
but you dont touch
then you wont touch
but youll never feel
and if you dont feel
youll never cry
and if you dont cry
then youll never heal

there are lessons to life
that the lovers got to learn
there are corners out there
you know theyre waitin somewhere
and youve got to be prepared to turn
there are callouses that come
that the lovers got to earn
in the years of your youth
you cant be fire proof
you know youve got to get burned

cant you feel excitement
feel it welling up inside
what makes you think emotion
is something that you hide
yes i might take advantage
but ill be gentle if i do
and ill be here in the morning
still lookin at you


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