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i wonder what would happen to him ark sz
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i wonder what would happen to him ark sz

im the green young gentleman, and youre the lady with the past
i admit im insecure about how long we will last
i sort through in my mind the little that i know
but the only things i find from where my musings go
is that kind of confusion that just makes more questions come
about the wild and shady world that you must have wondered from
you see, i have no real complaints of how youve left your past behind
i guess what gets me worried is youve erased him from your mind

i wonder what happened to him
your past is a canyon
im a stranger on the rim
looking down below
to where its misty and dim
but, where theres still shining
a faint glow from a light
it makes me wonder where he is tonight

that drawer of your old photographs sits there like detectives leads
with the packet full of letters that i do not dare to read
and then there is that negligee that is made for candlelight
you know, ive never seen you wear it, was it used the other nights?
you see, dream-lover of a lady, what shakes me to the core
is the thought as you caress me, youve done this all before
i think about the future with me out and others in
will i, too, have disappeared like ive never ever been?

i wondered what happened to him...


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