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carly simon, carly simon arklar, carly simon ark szleri
1.after the storm423
2.all i want is you395
4.another door383
6.anyone but me397
7.are you ticklish465
8.as time goes by391
9.attitude dancing375
10.back down to earth366
11.back the way dotties point of view443
12.back the way girlspoint of view412
13.be with me475
14.better not tell her365
15.black honeymoon477
16.blue of blue418
17.body and soul387
18.born to break my heart386
19.boys in the trees365
20.cant give it up479
21.catch it like a fever441
22.come back home366
23.come upstairs397
24.coming around again434
25.coming to get you349
26.cow town364
27.damn, you get to me329
28.dan, my fling409
29.darkness til dawn662
31.de bat fly in me face368
32.devoted to you386
33.didnt i811
34.dishonest modesty376
35.do the walls come down362
36.dont smoke in bed648
37.dont wrap it up535
38.easy on the eyes355
39.embrace me you child355
40.evry time we say goodbye484
41.fairweather father360
42.film noir425
43.fishermans song442
45.for old times sake374
46.forever my love395
47.from the heart325
48.give me all night357
50.half a chance400
51.halfway ?round the world2
52.happy birthday356
54.have you seen me lately375
55.havent got time for the pain472
56.he likes to roll440
57.hello big man354
58.his friends are more than fond of robin350
59.hold what youve got663
60.holding me tonight352
62.i get along without you very well403
63.i got it bad and that aint good422
64.in a small moment351
65.in pain341
66.in times when my head381
68.is this love348
69.it happens everyday341
70.it keeps you running319
71.it should have been me331
72.it was so easy363
73.itsy bitsy spider1659
74.its not like him471
75.id rather it was you427
76.ill be around478
77.im a fool to want you487
78.ive got to have you455
81.julie through the glass438
82.just a sinner343
83.just like you do351
84.just not true360
85.last night when we were young333
87.legend in your own time330
88.let the river run378
89.letters never sent352
91.life is eternal342
92.like a river302
93.lili marlene778
94.look me in the eyes371
95.lost in your love390
96.love of my life372
97.love out in the street320
98.love you by heart328
99.make me feel something342
100.memorial day319
102.mind on my man366
105.more and more368
106.my new boyfriend341
107.never been gone372
108.night owl342
109.nobody does it better382
110.not a day goes by325
111.older sister342
112.one love stand365
113.one man woman341
114.one more time403
116.our first day together444
117.playing possum368
118.pretty strange340
120.pure sin351
122.riverboat gambler367
123.rolling down the hills338
124.safe and sound377
125.share the end324
127.somewhere in the night352
128.sons of summer318
129.spoiled girl341
130.spring is here410
131.spring will be a little late this year343
134.such a good boy371
135.summers coming around again456
136.take me as i am385
137.thats the way ive always heard it should be433
138.the best thing352
139.the carter family351
140.the desert406
141.the garden358
142.the girl you think you see359
143.the loves still growing559
144.the night before christmas364
145.the reason378
146.the right thing to do345
147.the show must go on611
148.the show must go on in album this is my life315
149.the stuff that dreams are made of370
150.the wives are in connecticut364
152.think im gonna have a baby455
153.three days328
154.three of us in the dark318
155.time works on all the wild young men436
156.tired of being blonde349
157.tonight and forever380
158.touched by the sun351
159.tranquillo melt my heart306
160.two hot girls368
161.two sleepy people344
163.waited so long337
164.waiting at the gate340
166.we have no secrets335
167.we just got here340
168.were so close429
169.what about a holiday433
170.what shall we do with the child303
171.when you close your eyes328
172.you belong to me311
173.you dont feel the same477
174.you have to hurt339
175.you know what to do330
176.you wont forget me712
177.youre so vain592
178.youre the one429
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