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circle ark sz

all my lifes a circle;
sunrise and sundown;
moon rolls thru the nighttime;
till the daybreak comes around.

all my lifes a circle;
but i cant tell you why;
seasons spinning round again;
the years keep rollin by.

it seems like ive been here before;
i cant remember when;
but i have this funny feeling;
that well all be together again.
no straight lines make up my life;
and all my roads have bends;
theres no clear-cut beginnings;
and so far no dead-ends.

i found you a thousand times;
i guess you done the same;
but then we lose each other;
its like a childrens game;

as i find you here again;
a thought runs through my mind;
our love is like a circle;
lets go round one more time.



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