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and the baby never cries ark sz

well, ive sung out one more evening,
and im wrung out, feeling beat.
i walk on out the door once more
to an empty city street.
a good guitar will serve you well
when youre living in the lights
but its never going to warm you
in the middle of the night.
and so i come and go with her in whispers.
each and every time she says she dies.
when she is reborn again
i kiss her.
and the baby never cries.
she works in the daytime,
she leave her baby with a friend.
i sing every evening,
i only see her now and then.
i come to her at midnight,
when bout half the worlds asleep,
and she puts me back together,
in the hours before i leave.
her apartment is down on perry street,
theres a tree in her backyard.
her old man had left her,
he just took off for the coast,
and i caught her on the rebound
when i needed her the most.


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