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a quiet little love affair ark sz

when i met america, i didnt know her name
but it seems she was something special even then
i knew it just the same

yes, i loved the things she stood for
help the helpless make people free
and i knew that an american is what i wanted to be

it was the start of a little love affair
between my country and me
oh, oh, my country tis of thee

well we both grew up, things were good
things that we had known
some said we had lost something
some said we had grown

well time keeps rolling by my friend,
things can never die.
but i had always wonder what would happen,
wondered when and why,

what would happen to our little love affair,
between my country and me,
oh, oh, my country tis of thee,

oh, time went by and i forgot,
why i fell in love,
though i still pledge my allegiance,
and soon i would wave the flag above,

didnt know why what wed done,
didnt know where it flowed,
well i never knew if we had lost,
if we had grown,

it was the last of a little love affair,
between my country and me,
(back ground: oh say can you see, my country tis of thee)
oh, oh, my country tis of thee.


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