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a lot of lonely people tonight ark sz
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a lot of lonely people tonight ark sz

holdin on tight to my pillow
wish it had a life of its own,
starin at the ceilin,
such a funny feelin,
but nobodys home.
but i know youre out there somewhere
and that you feel the same way too,
now my only problem is trying to find
a way of getting through to you.

theres a lot of lonely people tonight,
trying to make it through til the morning light.
theres me and you, babe, thats alright,
theres a lot of lonely people tonight.

i guess we share the same old dream
or maybe its the same old lie,
theres only one thing im sure of, babe
and thats our time keeps rolling by.
and far too many days run out
and nights begin this way,
with my half of a hopeful couple
trying to hold the dark at bay.
meet me on a city street
meet me by a country stream,
meet me on a mountain top
but dont you meet me in my dreams.
meet me tomorrow morning
baby, maybe you met me back when,
you can meet me now inside this song
cause i dont wanna sleep alone again.


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