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deliverance ark sz

at least you know how to be impressed by yourself? youre everything but its all right
so show me the way? i count all the days? this lie will sting your eyes
nonsense prevails modesty fails i will just go on with the same old song
but if you hurt me once again ill try to control my deliverance
no consequence, for my defence you rise above by acting tough
but if you betray me its all the same? well find a way to break the walls again
i wish i could change my plans and ignore your demands? its not that fair but its all right
ill show you the way youll count all the days a kind of a big surprise
wake up zombie another funny day cant bring myself to look so write another book
but if you lose me once again? there wont be a chance? for your deliverance
im gonna need some time to wash away your fears... im gonna need some time to wash away your tears...


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