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you made me featuring carl thomas & nas ark sz
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you made me featuring carl thomas & nas ark sz

lets get it on

[carl thomas]
1 - you made me
you made me
you made me the way i am today
youre the reason why
i live how i live
cuz you made me the way i am

[huddy comb]
first of all, i was the worst of all
the first born, took my first breath, it was on
and thanks to my moms, and some help from nickie bonds
i was raised in ways of a don, they gas me like exxon
had me dealin with ex cons, frontin with they rolex on
get sexed on a regular basis, grown women puttin they faces
in all the wrong places, molesting me, now you see why my destiny
was fucked up cuz my recipe
but i blame my mother cuz i cant blame no other
and thats how my game was discovered
my mom was a sucker, did that bullshit to my brother
but no matter what, imma love her
she gave me life, even though she got high undercover
if she die, i cant find me another
but look what you made me

repeat 1

yeah, you made me this way, since the day i was born
when you slid on that crack shit, mom be strong
fore long, i realized the same old song
another cat that done bounced on his kid and his spouse
at the beginning, i knew my pops just had to be kidding
hes coming back any day, he wouldnt leave us that way
but anyway, the time got longer, my anger got stronger
its no time to wonder the money i hunger
without a blunder, i vowed to be all i could be
started running guns o.t., me and my code d.
leave from the backstreets of a-t-l to n-y-c
when the gunspot got hot, i switched to the d
when the d spot got hot, i went low key
now that harlem world spot hot, and im on tv
i dont need no fake calls from yo ass at all
just leave me the way you left me and watch me ball

repeat 1

what, what, uh
you the reason
and i thank you, what
check it out

yo, yo, stormy night, september 73
would you believe what my mom recieved from heaven was me?
second from me, my younger brother desperate as me
we see the world alike, type of girls he likes, the girls i like
the shit that make him mad, it make me hype, bug like that
share the same blood like that, grew up around thugs poppin and shit
cardboard boxes of shit, dirt bikes
but now we hoppin whips and merc, right?
moneys my birthright, my righteous birth so i floss
its up to you to look inside yourself, see whats yours
consecutive times, new years eve, light off nines in the skylines
imaginary graves, poor the henney on it
share with my dogs whos here, cuz theres so many gone
yeah, meeno, ill will, all my people
big stretch, well never forget, allah keeps you
until we meet again, through my pen yall can speak through, uh

repeat 1


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