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family crisis ark sz

huddy combs bring it home, we dont stop
jimmy jones all alone, we dont stop
loon crime fam, we dont stop
meeno, nrb, we dont stop
to my man blinky blink, we dont stop
my sis baby stase, she dont stop
killer cam, cardan, they the fam
one two, we dont stop
i know you thinkin, how many niggas he got?
or what, how many niggas is hot?

yo, yeah you a fake wanna be rich nigga, bitch sticker
you know, that get on the stand and snitch stinker
so when cardie read the press, i dream of success
i want cream to invest plus a beam and a lex
so i sold bags of dutch, the cash and plus
my dads a lush, so all we really had was us, what?

wit me? it started like this, sip a six, get some chips
and about a half a brick
now the whole teams in the mix facin a three-to-six
cuz they got the da believin this shit
so we handcuffed in back of the bus for some dust
life in harlem world shouldnt be so tough
its hot at home, mammas got a block on the phone
couldnt call my man pete so i called huddy comb

[huddy] yo, meeno
[meeno] yo, hud
[huddy] on the low, heres the verdict
a nigga tried to front on me, pard, i wanna murder
i want the nigga jaw broken, chest peeled wide open
tell blink get on the next thing smokin

shit, i recognize that whip
didnt he do a drive-by on the strip?
got caught, couldnt do five so he snitched?
what type of guys this? look in his eyes
hes a bitch
mase, remember when we had his ride in the mix?
his girl start to cry, he took the side of his chick
like we some niggas that lie on our hits
who you forget when you was suckin and fuckin
now the wars on, we buckin and duckin (black)
mase pulled his truck in (black)
blood rushin, spark the hydro, jumped inside the tie ho
mase drive slow, and they go five-oh
look out the window be sure we wasnt followed
no observers, whew! i just got away wit murder

yo, you aint got to front for me, my gun pop too
nigga pop me? nigga pop you
yo, dont shorty right there look familiar?
matter of fact, while back used to deal wit her
you wouldnt believe all the things that honey did
yo, thats the same one throw the money out the crib
i liked it lot better when she came from venezuela
but she spent too much cheddar so yo, i had to hit her

but yo, i know her friend charise
she mad bad from baghdad
carry lotta money in glad bag
she doin runs for willie gum
used to think that bitch was slick
but found out she was really dumb
she really from phillys hunt of be more
bout to blow her spot like c-4
never see me poor
so why this bitch fuckin wit me for
knowin that my life is up and down like see-saw

for days you argue and go through the phase
you blaze, you throw shade, now she hate yo ways
no feelings, thats while the hoes you stealin
creepin, sneakin in your pocket while you sleepin
freakin off on the major degan
wit your new rican every single week and its sentimental
understand what you been through
you fuck a friend, she dont hold it against you

yeah, nigga, what nigga, touch nigga, fuck nigga
what chu want nigga? what chu want, what chu got?
uh, what chu need? what chu got? uh, what chu shoot?
what chu got? what?
harlem world we dont stop
mother fucker, put your deal on it
mother fucker, put a mil on it
put yo fuckin ice grill on it
put a mother fuckin mil on it
niggas cant fuck wit my clique
who wanna put the money up?
i hear alot a niggas talkin
but who wanna put they deal on it?
i hear alot a niggas talkin
but who wanna put a mil on it?
yall niggas aint sayin shit
yo blink, back the benz up
get from round me, nigga


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