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carlene carter, carlene carter arklar, carlene carter ark szleri
1.all night long398
2.appalachian eyes414
3.baby ride easy duet with dave edmunds363
4.bandit of love413
6.come here you481
7.come on back573
9.easy from now on392
10.every little thing365
11.foggy mountain top342
12.go wild363
13.goodnight dallas367
14.guardian angel416
15.hallelujah in my heart530
16.he will be mine408
17.heart is right464
19.i fell in love380
20.i love you cause i want to540
21.im so cool582
22.little acts of treason415
23.little love letter482
24.little love letter481
25.long hard fall384
26.loose talk carlene carter with carl smith377
27.love like this395
29.me and the wildwood rose355
30.my dixie darlin651
31.nowhere train371
32.one love537
33.ring of fire417
34.something already gone373
35.sweet meant to be345
36.that very first kiss408
37.the leavin side454
38.the lucky ones412
39.the rain523
40.the sweetest thing394
41.the winding stream350
42.too bad about sandy379
43.too drunk to remember420
44.too proud432
45.unbreakable heart509
46.wastin time with you517
47.world of miracles396
48.you are the one397
49.youll be the one551
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