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ice cold touching the dead life living in nowhere
nobody knows how gone
my minds buried in six feet weight of the worlds
been dragging me down too long
cant explain the pain that eats away the way i want to be
drowning in a pool of flesh and blood you ask too much of me
cant feel a thing but the hole in the wall

paralyzed... nothing moves me
set in stone for a thousand days
and though i lie
i know ive got a reason for you

shock me into daylight leading the stone blind
turning my eyes away
from too much suffering hey lifes guilty as sin
but only myself to blame
try and try but i cant break the silence leave it all unsaid
my life leads to nowhere far away from all thats in my head
what did i do... did i do it again


go go on ahead
im just gonna crawl to you my only friend... denial
time and time again i relive the fall
trapped within im drowning in the bleeding of my heart

cant feel a thing but the hole in the wall



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