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change of heart ark sz

i can feel the time is slipping
and there is nothing i can do to get through to you
night after night, fight after fight
is every inch of hope gone, or is it hiding in you
through the laughter theres always been pain
theres only heartache and no ones to blame

i feel the change of heart
burning inside me
it tears us apart
i feel the change of heart
not a word that you can say
could change yesterday

sometimes words dont come out easy
though we try and try again, the hurt never ends
maybe well learn to love tomorrow
its my heart ive got to follow more faithfully
i cant stay another day
ive been living a lie in hope
and im praying theres a way


you know we have tried
i have nothing to hide
theres no you and i
yeah, stop talking about love

youre everything i wanted
youre everything that i need



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