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monkey in the family ark sz

its delicous the way your walking go easy on your toes theres a million and one different dances who do you know that knows theres a monkey in the family it was trained by adam and eve it was sold to your great grandad and grandma and decided it wouldnt leave i had to make the grass more greener i had to make the sky more blue i had to put a stop to the jungle jive team so they dont do the dance with you when you grow up youll moonstomp mi lady to moonstomp is in your blood youll have to make a keen decision but youll know everything about love theres a monkey in the family swings from tree to tree it never stops to see how your doing it just has time to feed its delightful the way your walking be steady on those feet stay away from the peppermint twist where the humpty humpers meet.


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