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donovan ark sz

six cheap people in an empty hotel
every last one with a story to tell
give them all pills, so their heads wont swell
we were borne to a woman whose husband did quite well

oh sunshine, shone brighty
through my windoew today
could have tripped out quite easy but i decided to stay
hold ouit your hand said whitey with the blame
gonna bring you up so you really dig the pain
take you under my wings so youll never be the same
cos your wife is so much older and both her legs are lame
a sunbeam shone brightly through my window today
could have gone 20 miles but i decided to stay

all my flock has packed up and flocked back to hell
open up the windows so the place dont start to smell
carry on with what your doing cos you dont to it that well
ive been umpteen different people and no one else can tell

sunshine shone brightly through my asshole today
could have tripped out quite easy but i decided to stay
to stay a while
come up and see me make me smile
come up and see me make me smile


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