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dennis and lois ark sz

we all lern to box from the midgit club
where we punch with love and did somebody good
its good to see you to see you nice
if you do me one, well well do you twice
were twice as likely were twice as right
right on, right on
right on, right on
we all learnt to wash at the scrubbers club
where we ring out the dirt with a rud a dub dub
tell how you think if you think it was good
say it loud and clear so its understood
you take it how you made it like i know you would
let it bled let it heal let me sleep its no good, so...
lets ride, right on right on

honey hows your breathing
if it stops for good well be leaving
and honey hows your daughter
did you teach her what weve taught yer
and if you didnt well you ought to do it now

well lets ride on ride on


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