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cowboy dave ark sz

tell me what you know about cowboy dave did he whistle on brown? was his woman a sex slave? give me what you got on the holiday you know the one where you went with the xs paid you can lie down here for a good few days tell me what you know about a mans affliction pc plod talk pure science fiction talk about the girl with the leather legs does she waddle like a chick with her big big love eggs cake theres not a thing that i cant fix i can fix it just like that

theres not a thing that i cant fix give me what you know on effin-stein first square head leader of the street crime tell me what you know about rumble bumble did he roll our jeep in the middle of the jungle bounce on his head did the nine lives rumble, rumble you and i back together same old world tell me what you know about whistlin dave did he do his scene? did he live in a sex cave? not an ounce of class in the aging brass she did the work while he lay in the grass i know nothing man, so sack it fast faster theres is not a thing i cant fix i can fix it just like this you and i back together man same old world easy, easy easy, now easy now, wunderbar wunderbar rumble man


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