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youre not alone ark sz

stark raving mad with angry faces
hangin out at all the usual places
dropin all the slogans from the hip
reciting the best written rhetoric
alleyway boys and rival crews
used to be friends and not of ashamed of you
at the pub all alone to get your fill
and not enough money to pay your bills

the nights still young soul surrender
been awhile since it? been fun soul surrender
when you think you?e all alone soul surrender
you?e not alone soul surrender

another friend dies another funeral
another fight breaks out division unfolds
this time it hits too close to home
wondering just where we?l go
there comes a point in time where we need salvation
and the world offers nothing but sour tastes
there? gonna be day to decide which side your on
this time it hits too close to home

you?e not alone


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