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its about ark sz

always been a sucker for a broken heart
jesse wont you come back home
nothing ever turns out the way you think
its about you, its about me
its about everybodys history

its a sad sad story and the same old song
whatever seems right always turns out wrong
mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers
what would other people say

-chorus- its about love, its about hate when you lose your faith
its about truth, its about lies that you just cant hide
its about joy, its about pain, is there something to gain
its about black, its about white
its everything we learn in life

wish at times i didnt give a damn
i guess im gonna head out west
trade my old colletion of records and things
get a new car, get a new guy
get a new lease on life

still its the same old story
and that worn out song
do we ever really know whats going on
mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers
what would other people say


doesnt matter anymore what you think i think
im gonna believe
cause i believe ill fall in love again, in love again

so you think im damned before you
well its time you give it up
ive had enough of wasted love thrown in my face



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