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captain beefheart, captain beefheart arklar, captain beefheart ark szleri
1. years old380
2.abba zaba538
3.advance romance403
4.ah feel like acid408
5.ant man bee441
6.apes ma512
7.autumns child555
8.ballerin plain667
9.beetle bones and smokin stones684
10.bills corps368
11.blabber n smoke703
12.brown star447
13.buggy boogie woogie407
14.call on me392
15.carolina hardcore ecstasy392
16.china pig422
17.click clack451
19.dachau blues439
20.debra kadabra408
21.doctor dark456
22.dropout boogie498
24.ella guru768
25.fallin ditch708
26.flash gordons ape396
28.frying pan381
29.funeral hill350
30.gimme that harp boy531
32.golden birdies495
33.grow fins392
34.grown so ugly368
35.harry irene506
36.her eyes are a blue million miles389
37.here i am i always am397
38.hobo chang ba599
39.hollow smoke372
40.i love you, you big dummy546
41.ice-cream for crow392
42.ink mathemathics469
43.im glad522
44.kandy korn719
45.lick my decals off, baby366
46.long neck bottles431
47.low yo yo stuff428
48.man with the woman head358
50.moonlight on vermont438
51.muffin man435
52.my human gets me blues379
53.new electric ride371
54.nowadays a womans gonna hit a man437
55.old fart at play360
56.on tomorrow432
57.orange claw hammer365
58.pachuco cadaver425
59.party of special thing to do319
61.petrified forrest380
62.plastic factory731
63.pompadour swamp423
64.rock n rolls evil doll463
65.safe as milk383
66.seam crooked sam366
67.shes too much for my mirror512
68.space-age couple432
69.steal softly thru snow371
70.sugar n spikes557
71.sun zoom spark604
72.sweet sweet bulbs357
74.the blimp399
75.the clouds are full of whiskey436
76.the dust blows forward and the dust blows back371
77.the host the ghost the most holy-o349
78.the past sure is tense452
79.the smithsonian institute blues469
80.the spotlight kid418
81.the thousandth and tenth day of the human totem pole376
82.the witch doctor life454
83.there aint no santa claus on the evenin stage465
84.too much time418
85.trust us427
86.twist ah luck404
87.upon the my-o-my463
88.veterans day poppy777
90.when big joan sets up324
91.when i see mommy, i feel like a mummy404
92.where theres woman755
93.white jam583
94.who do you think youre fooling577
95.wild life386
96.woe is a me bop774
97.yellow brick road407
98.zig zag wanderer413
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