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warriors of faith ark sz

they search the desert plains
in the land of no return
to seek out the danger, time to burn
they are the rightous ones
they´ve come to claim this land
like warriors under command
they fight for gold and glory
proclaim the dead mans land
into the dungeons they must go
to find the answers, left untold
under the burning sun
in danger, eye to eye
they all now that someone must die
into the well they´re falling
past immortality
led by temptation and devotion
rendered deathless by the touch of the sword
onwards victory, let us hear your battle cry
the enemies, will renounce or die
hail the warriors of faith
together they march through the fire
forever they´re lost in this world
onwards victory, let us hear your battle cry
the enemies, will renounce or die
eternally, they will fall under the sign
of victory, fighting all for one
hail the the warriors of faith


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