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nefarious ark sz

taking you down to the dark depths of hell fire lies under your feet
i am the ruler of this dark domain murder is what i now seek
demons above you are flying on high eternal death to come soon
welcoming you to their fiery home welcome the legions of doom

torture, waiting to die torment, you scream and you cry
evil, in my eyes death, in the black of the night
souls into bondage i take one by one behold their screams and their cries
innocent victims lined up down the way each one is waiting to die
only the evil survive in this place who have knowledge of the carnal soul
death to the hungry now death to the weak i am in total control

only the memories of lives they have spent linger in their mortal minds
bow down the horned god of the black underworld now i will make you my prize
farther and farther and farther you go spiralling out of control
feeling the heat from my fiery home burning your innocent soul
demons in fiery chariots come to take you on this molten ride
you and the others the rest of the world experiencing genocide
farther and farther and farther you go spiralling out of control
is this your hell or the world that you live for now it may well be as one


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