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d i e death in effect ark sz

we are all dying theres no sense in trying no way you can stop it no way
death comes to you when youre an early son
then he walks beside you all the way
any moment he might strike reflecting your past life
and sentencing you to the grave
dont live life worrying bout things you cant stop
if you give in then youll be his slave

d.i.e. death in effect
hes our final conflict hes our final judge
he is death and he follows me
he is the force which exists on this earth
to betray and intimidate me
only one way to win only one way to live
if you give in then youre going to pay
ill be the conqueror ill thrash till death
exist for myself all the way

when i feel i am slipping they stand in my way
the people that might drag me round
ill never worry im the killing force and im bringing the hammer down
you do not own me there are no rules society i will begrudge
believe on thyself and thou shalt be saved
for thou art thine own final judge


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