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look at me im chasing
after dreams left in the storm.

what i am is all that
really matters now
the lies are gone.

tempting fate and losing
friends along the way i loved.

no regrets im standing
with a needle in my heart.

youll never know.
my life means everything.
still i scream because
theres nothing left to do until the end.

the world goes on.
with all that ive become.

and still i scream inside
though all the pain ive taken
hasnt changed.

nothings changed at all
the truth is like a chain.

heavens calling me
the place where i belong.

killing pain

close my eyes a million faces
get inside my mind.

take a breath and fill my troubled
soul with all mankind.

killing pain

the man in black
im coming back
to spew my evil hate.

my crown of horns
and bloody thorns
i dig up what you fear.

i am the shape
thats in your room
that watches over you.

i am the needle
in your heart,
youre disillusioned god.

i am god
i am fate
i am all the things you make.



i am black
i am white
im the blood upon the knife.



since time began i made a vow
to drag you underground.

to steal your soul of purity
and watch you waste away.

i am pure
i am right
im the god that makes you fight.



i am life
i am death
i will steal your final breath.



i prey upon your broken dreams
your weakness gives me strength.

im laughing at your silent screams
ill crush you with my hate.


you face it all
and face the fear thats here.

until the silent screams
leaves you with no choice to carry on.

youll never fall
when all is said and done.

the only scream is here
the journey never ends
its just begun.

the lies that never learn.
the needles in my heart.

and things will never change.

so every time i scream im killing pain


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