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nailed to the gun ark sz


sig sauer. victim of a systems non-control
devour, striking terror into every soul

communication breakdown onto self destruction
schizophrenic people breeding hate

pessimistic thinking from a failed connection
survival comes when we annihilate

nailed to the gun
nailed to the gun

paranoia, termination sickness zeros good
blind power, executing humans in cold blood

degenerating children with an opiated bullet
poison flows from words out on the street
trapped inside the home that has become the prison
dissin everybody that we meet

nailed to the gun
nailed to the gun

locked and loaded, governmental lost to anarchy
weapon goaded, magnum is gagging liberty

cultural collision in an endless frenzy
numbing minds with threats of violence

hopeless to the dream of any decent future
running on sheer fear and ignorance

nailed to the gun
nailed to the gun


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