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hearts of darkness ark sz

with a friend to share your angry life
deadly secrets to resolve your strife
death remaining on each thought you owned
blackened hate in legacies renowned

love and death
lure your prey
thought by thought
from your hate

recanted murder in a place of peace
hide the truth from one that is deceased
did you believe so little in your life
to kill a friend to satisfy your plight

in my crime
i am living
i can die

lost in trials
no repentance
trapped in time
serve my sentence

no remorse
youth got old
wasted life
blood ran cold

point the finger at the only thing you truly loved
on your way to ending life - tonight

took too much
to the end
in denial
deceived your friend

see myself
through your eyes
you are all
i despise

as i bleed
what i gave
put me now
in my grave


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