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the final victory ark sz

we are writing the year 1543 ad, the time the black plaque struck
agen, here michael nostradamus lived with his wife and two children.
he confidently began to treat his felow citizens, but - unfortunately - was
not able to save his family from his old enemy... this was also the time, the holy cross was rising with unstoppable might. again, a trace of tears and blood covered the land.

the final victory
has crushed the autumn silence
the vinal victory
has crushed the autumn silence

mortius, domine, lux perpetua luceat
mortius, domine, lux perpetua luceat
mortius, domine

viju svet v notschi tumanoi (i see light in foggy night)
ne prognat mne prisrak strany (cant banish that strange ghost)
svet negasnusei svetschi (light of undying candle)
gorit, gorit v notschi (burns on and on in a night)

so god has found him weeping
and wrath flickered deep withing his eyes
so thy shalt suffer
as long ago the ones been crucified
the keeper of the lords mark
is rising up with this ability
heavenly damnation
so thou shalt trust the seer...


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