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via anal introspection ark sz

penetrating with my cathether
desecratiing cavities
landscapes of peptic ulcers
in a panaromic view

occular exploration
contemplation is my vice
(the most) disgusting evisceration
is beautiful to my eyes

irrigating intestines by bactericide enema
antibiotic lavement abrasing your insides
excrements are expulsed in this confused dilution
rectal intubation to evecuate the slime (repeat)

anus forced wide open... excretion sucked-out
i slide my hand into your convulsing rectum
palpating the tumours in your bowels
i wont until i reach the caecum
a severe visceral helcology i behold

prolapsed duodenum.. entrails turned inside-out

"purulent bleeding haemorrhoids
obstruct the gastro-intestinal tract
the colostomy is performed
now your guts i can extract" <i>[repeat]

hot gases ascend from feculence
...delirium from the reek
halluciagenic and sick
subconcious sceneparanoid and obscene

lacerate stomach empty its contents
a mixture of chyme and gastric haemorrhage
the final result of my loathing introspection
is a lugubrious picture of the rectal carnage

extroverted innards... distorted image

"after the dexterous extirpation
your whole guts are in my sight
festered, bubblering viscus
this raw vision is my delight"


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