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sublime anatomy of revenge ark sz

here again... on my cold mortuary slab
in my anatomy theatre for the final act
at the medical scaffold... i commence
my last clinical opus of revenge

kept alive for dissection

methods of surgical brutalism
bizarre forensic instruments pierce your skin
phrenetic amputations - fractured bones
without qualm festered viscera i remove

kept alive for dissection

disembowelment - i rub the intestines on your face
shredded abdomen - profuse gastric haemorrhage
mangled innards - dislocated anal tract
nauseous torment - festered organs i extract

in the morgue... lesson on gore
you shall bleed for pathology

excruciating denervation of the lumbar spine
genital laceration... testicles i grind
oxidized cranial auger drill your brain
frantic mortal convulsions... die in pain

kept alive for dissection

final movement - your heart beating in my hand
live necropsy - morgue is not only for the dead
mutilation - sliced arteries spurting blood
furious carnage - you are dismembered alive

in the morgue... lesson on gore
you shall bleed for pathology


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