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set the morgue on fire ark sz

night has come, its the right time to escape
they are slept...they will never awake
dark revenge...i will destroy this place
burn it down and run away!!

ill finnish this insanity
incendiary hate inside of me
i will incinerate the dead
a part of them will never rest

rising flames on the mangled organs
vile stench of the burning flesh
roasting limbs - carnal crematory
melting skin dripping from the dead

i hear the screams of agony
their suffering is pleasure for me
fire will celebrate their death
i hope they know the real pain

bodies explode...violent deflagrations
charred remains...carbonized rests
i behold the blazing human inferno
praying for the souls of the dead

set the morgue on fire!!

fuck you morticians, burn in your own hell
i really wish you a slow and painful death
i want destroy this sick human inferno
reduce to ashes this temple of terror


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