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necrotic garbage ark sz

im fucking tired of making dissections
i reek of shit and putrefaction
many hours among decay
ill work no more for today

...sick gory mess
necrotic garbage
autopsied wastes
necrotic garbage

all the floor is full of entrails
smashed brains and crushed
festered rests of human flesh
on dripping organs i step

...sick gory mess
necrotic garbage
autopsied wastes
necrotic garbage

vile stench of putrefaction deep
inside my nose
cold leftovers of the autopsy
piled-up to dispose
underneath the rotten innards...
a cataleptic corpse
those corpses werent dissected...
let them decompose

cleaning the dissecting table
sweep the rotten shit
fucking up amputated limbs
the morgue is deadorized and clean


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