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adam sandler, adam sandler arklar, adam sandler ark szleri
1.assistant principals big day630
2.at a medium pace427
3.bad boyfriend391
5.cordurory blues397
6.crazy love402
7.dancin and pantsin491
8.dip doodle473
9.do it for your mama469
10.fatty mcgee383
11.food innuendo guy438
12.food inuendo guy412
13.four years old479
15.grow old with you464
16.im so wasted702
17.joining the cult425
18.listenin to the radio646
19.lunchlady land380
20.medium pace400
21.memory lane377
22.mothers day song492
25.mr spindels phone call736
26.my little chicken617
27.ode to my car415
28.oh mom569
29.pickin daisies648
30.red hooded sweatshirt435
31.right field416
32.santa song393
33.somebody kill me437
34.steve polychronopolous458
35.sweat beatrice398
36.teenage love on the phone442
37.the adventures of the cow412
38.the beating of a high school bus driver394
39.the beating of a high school janitor465
40.the beating of a high school science teacher395
41.the beating of a high school spanish teacher681
42.the buffoon and the dean of admissions381
43.the buffoon and the valedictorian419
44.the chanuka song417
45.the chanukah song ii438
46.the cheerleader386
47.the excited southerner orders a meal379
48.the excited southerner proposes to a woman379
49.the goat song374
50.the hanukkah song475
51.the hypnotist434
52.the lonesome kicker414
53.the longest pee466
54.the respect chant672
55.the thanksgiving song performed by adam sandler453
56.toll booth willie453
58.what the hell happened to me452
59.zittly van zittles392
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