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dissect, exhume, devour ark sz

early at mourning i go to the morgue
i have my breakfast on a dismembered corpse
dissecting its organs whistling as i work
beholding my carnage, i delight on gore

i love my profession as mortuary technician
so funny, macabre and sick
i am alone when my workdays ends
corpses are my only friends

cemetery at midnight is my favourite place
disturbing the quietus i break open the grave
digging up the coffin, grabbin knife and fork
smell the putrefaction... i feast on the rot

nocturnal party of greedy necrophagia
carving out putrid remains
ingesting toxines from rotting exudate
im addicted to ptomaine

extracting rancid fats
used as sauce for raw guts
decrepit dinner is served
im hungry for maggoty flesh

festered offals garnished with gall
gastronomic funeral
delicious taste of dead
gnawned bones is all that left

[repeat 2nd verse]

dissect... exhume... devour... vomit!!!!!!!


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