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vendetta assassination ark sz

do you sense the daemon that watches you
while you sleep in your bed
do you feel the claw of my mental embrace
ohh suffer my daemonwrath
the intense touch
a touch of evil

come dance with me
in this complex maze
that weve made in mutual passion
blinded by hate and blinded by fear
but i do hold the ace.
i shall rip you apart!

i shall rip you apart

vendetta assassination
your torture
my cure

ohh i close my eyes
and i picture your face
grinded in a barrel of broken glass
i close my eyes
and yo are crucified
and your stigmatic wounds
are "gently" inflicted by me.
and you bleed!

torture assassination
the end of an era
let us "dance".
let us finish the game

vendetta assassination
slow but sure.
slow but sure.
slow but sure!!


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