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the pulse of decay ark sz

so cold an embrace
from the dead,
yet so familiar arms
that used to belong
that used to belong to a queen

so cold a kiss.
so cold a kiss from the lips.
once the lips of a goddess

a feather-like touch.
and a tear of a prince.
crimson and black.
a promise.
and a venomous curse!!

a tear that shall turn to ice
a heart that shall turn to stone
blood that no longer runs
and all signs of joie shall burn
and whirlwinds of hatred
shall lift the ashes of joy
it shall be spread to the east
spread to the west
spread to the north
and spread to the south
of this dead heart pulse
the pulse of decay


from rulership and dignity
to serpent poison dread
the pulse of decay
and the wrath of the transformation
all the grace and beauty of the past. was raped
and left for dead
the pulse of decay
the pulse of a fallen dynasty
the pulse. the pulse
the pulse.
of decay!!


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