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the antichrist inside ark sz

i am the writer of the plays, played at the theatre of pain
i am the joker in the most evil of all games
i host the circus of the plague
cut me with glass
and poison my scars
doubtless profane
so gracious insane

i am the infinite that haunts the black spots of your soul
you know. you love to hate me
and the saviours quest has always been to have me enslaved

so show me your fantasies
all the highs you wish.
all the highs you wish would last forever.

i twist your nature
your eyes wide open, thou resistance is in vain
embrace the pleasure!
you may believe in god.
but i am your carnal, and your mental, and your soul sort cause of

cut me with glass
poison my scars
doubtless profane
so gracious insane
cut me with glass
yes i know you will
poison my scars
this beauty is
doubtless profane
its black and its.
gracious insane
the horror inside

cause i am always
forever the infinite.
curse and damnation
delightful and. blessed!!


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