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apocalyptic prophecies the sign of hades ark sz
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apocalyptic prophecies the sign of hades ark sz

it shall come one night a darkness
for centuries to last
when water turns to blood
andwineto poison

shadows of dimensions far up high
dwells strongly in a soul
destend to a gloom of a thousand nights
there are no limits for the blood and tears
that rains from the sky

swords shall sing and axes chime
in a neverending dance of death
and impaled heads of angels,
are held up high on heathen spears

when angels weep their blood-red tears
it is the sign of hades
each song, each chant, each blasphemy
it is the sign of hades

swords shall chime and blood shall flow
in a neverending death dance
and crows shall feast upon dead mens eyes

water turns to blood
and wine to poison

there are no limits for the torment
that rains from the sky
the time has come for death
and there is no return

when the reaper comes to hunt your soul
when the angels heads are held up high
when brothers fall for brothers sword
when blackwinds rage, and fire rapes the sky
it is the sign of hades!!!


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