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say baby ark sz

ive been looking for freedom
ive been looking for fun
ive been looking for one day in my life
when i aint on the run
ive been looking for one day to groove
i never like to let things lose
come on everybody wanna join my party
found the one i had to chose: my baby

say baby, do you really like my eyes?
say baby do you really like my style?

i gotta fly, rely on my friends and i
go on fow to the h-blockx show
slam and dance what you cant comprehend
the h-blockx show is what you should attend
me on the party to be from the part id fle
id never go without my girl listen let me tell you see
freestyling is for me and my baby


i dont know its your eyes or so
its your styly show that makes me come on baby show ya
i truly love my baby
yeah, yeah get off look at me tell me precisly what you see
me im cool im a funky fool cause i got selfcontrol, pride and my baby



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