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you make me lose my mind, make me forget whats rigth,
you make me lose everything i always had to fight for,
make me lose control, you make lose my soul,
you make me lose everything i always stood up for

its time to take a stand, ive go to find a solution,
its time for me to plant, the plant of a revolution

its time for a revolution

i wont be satisfied till violence has died
now dont you know that youre the reason why the people cry
about the dreames you kill bout all the graves you fill
bout all precious blood you always had to spill

its time to take a stand...



man ive got to come down, down to reality,
conspiracy rules the world and we
cant close our eyes about the fact
that disrespect lets the world be divide
d in first, second, and third,
though that will always be so and all i know,
is that i have to show you that aint right,
and its our plight to fight for the rights of the weak
and thats why we need this re-vo-lu-tion



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