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i cant rely on you ark sz
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i cant rely on you ark sz

im feeling my mind is
blowing me out of place right now
i cannot deny it
so i wont and i keep defying

those lies you toss, your fake loves a loss
is why i cant rely and have no trust
in you - yes, its true, im thru with you
cause if i look back this aint straight out of the blue

hah - you dont have a clue - but - whats up
with all of these times when you never stood by me
you never been with me, you never said once at all that youd miss me

i cant deny its true - i cant rely on you

dont have no faith no more in you
i cant rely on you
cant walk a mile no more with you
i cant rely on you
youre full of lies and nothings true
i cant rely on you
i know its tough but true - i cant rely on you

i wonder have you once
tried to walk the way i thought we could
selfrighteous, all you stress
what was right, what was wrong, let me guess

the thing was never born guess
ive been ripped and torn
just to please your life but now i feel scorn
you fool - what do you think i am? - a tool?
i sure will forget your name

cool, cause i cant stand or understand
just how much for your sake,
just how much i could take
when you were trying to break,
when you were trying to fake
the whole world i tried to save but now i just hate

i cant deny its true - i cant rely on you


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