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watchful elms ark sz

darkness slides its unhealthy hand
through the lost and forgotten realms
and the few and unfortunate to walk this land
stumble blind through the watchful elms
as their heartbeats rise and their courage dies
the hope to see dawn grows dim
from behind each rise spring a pair of eyes
and the whole of the night looks grim

cult of the river god awaken now
for the sound disturbs your sleep
what is this unsettling silence here
what emerges from the deep
creep forth black mass of lizard things
with your backs to the rising wind
black void howling enchanted things
as the thunderclouds roll in

the swamp starts spitting out profane delights
with a shrill and a savage cry
the rain picks up a most unholy song
as lightning splits the sky
gotta find a mountain
gotta find a cave
some inner sanctuary
some more peaceful place
gotta shake this evil off my tail
leave this world forever
and cover up my trail

take it easy, take it easy
close your frightened eyes and give your mind a chance to fly
let the fire in your belly out into the sky
sit with the gnomes at the end of the rainbow
in the trees where the green goblins hang low
and the leprechauns sit on their pot o gold
and the children of the eldritch never grow old
waiting for the daylight
standing at the break of dawn
standing in the twilight

ca fait longtemps, ca fait longtemps que jlattends yeah
effoire a lombre en attendant
que tout recommence calmement
patient children, patient children
waiting for the night to end


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