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victim of maturity ark sz

when i think about younger days
long before i was played out
smoken in the park getting high that was the way out
dodge 5-0 they me you punks better get out
my aunty say you better get home
so im gone break out

cause being a man it aint easy
i want to stay up
i be a victim of maturity
i try to stay up

at one time my thoughts werent twisted
life was easy hanging out all night
being innocent how i miss it
smoking billy in the summertime

and now i reminisce and lord knows i miss it
the time of delinquency trouble and mischief
when my mind was so sweet and innocent
and now i wish i could just go back and live it

some things are better left unsaid, bigger than words
i feel it
some things are felt and not heard
some things are better left unsaid


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