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shallow ark sz

all twisted, all wrapped up in mystique
youre dreaming, youre living in a movie
self-conscious, uncertain, so much to prove
it must seem like the whole worlds watching you

yeah, its hollywood inside your mind
and your life is so shallow that you spend your time
in a superficial state of mind

so confused, so confused
when you gonna wake up
when you gonna use your mind

in silence, in solitude, what do you see
are you all youve made yourself out to be

yeah, its hollywood inside your mind
and your life is so shallow that you just cant find
any lasting happiness inside

can they see right through you, what do they say

so wrapped up in your image, youre totally blind
ill see you, ill catch you some other time

yeah, its hollywood inside your mind
and you try to be someone that youre not inside
and the pressures just too much sometimes


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