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rooftop killer ark sz

all i want from you is to see you disintegrate
ill sit here drink your beer and then assassinate
i desecrate your beauty i contemplate your fall
no matter what happens ill exterminate you all

im feeling happy cuz theres corpses strewn along the road
the blood drains down the sewers such a heavy load
call me sick demented am i mentally unstable
ill have your organs fried for supper on my kitchen table

ill blow your fucking head off cuz im feeling in the mood
im going to get rid of that damned commanding attitude
youll take your orders from me now for i am in control
you will live and die for me ill repossess your soul

pull out my machine gun slowly wait to take my aim
your body blew up all over somebodys lawn pity oh what a shame
dont rebel no victims that i find lame survive
theres always something interesting to keep the game alive

ive planned my final tactics the end will soon begin
all roads lead to death and evil i will always win
if you would look me in the eyes youd clearly understand
ill blow away each and every single one of you motherfuckers
until your blood stains the entire land


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